Reunion Reflections from Roger

To all our classmates who made the trip and effort to be a part of the 50th reunion, it was fantastic to see you all. Please use this website and our Facebook page to keep in touch with one another as you see fit, and please add photos, etc. to it as you can. We had a great reunion committee and we hope to be planning another, perhaps as several of you stated, maybe a destination venue somewhere other than Groovy Gouverneur.

For those who could not make it but were in touch with us, thank you, we missed you and you missed a good one. I am sure your names came up a lot and all good stuff. Please let us know your thoughts and maybe your wishes for our next rendezvous. If we can plan it far enough ahead, to match most of our busy schedules, (ya we’re all retired right?), maybe we can even add to our numbers.

We lost way too many over the years, as Bob Evans video showed, so let’s plan that next event before we lose more.

Safe travels to all and the best to you and your families.

Roger LaPierre


Contrary to what Big Al said, golf was close but he did not win.

Pete Sullivan took home the best dressed golfer award (ho-le crap he looked like a model for a golf magazine) and as he said, if you can’t golf well you better look good.

Then Pete voted on Fred Best being the best dressed at dinner and we all agreed. What would you call that outfit Fred?

Harland showed up with a 50+ year old bowling trophy for 5-1967 graduates, it took that long to engraved?? That was taken home from the auction by Roger who will show it proudly, as he was one of the named bowlers, along with Big Al and Greg Dickson, all at the reunion.

Harry and Margaret were on the road for 6 weeks coming from Florida, did you make a wrong turn somewhere?

Mike Maroun had two coffee cups from a “Maroun Elementary School”, we all think he had his name added to the stolen cups from some school somewhere,

Diane Palmer had a roomie (FB) on Friday night?? And didn’t on Saturday night, apparently a one night stand?

Cheryl (Denouyers) Woloszyn dropped of a beautiful handmade quilt for the auction, what talent and thank you.

Bernie Hall took 1 ½ days to fly from Michigan to NY, said he really likes flying (NOT).

Thank you to all those who brought in auction items, it was fun.

Thank you also for those who helped decorate, it really looked nice.

So, that was some of the fun stuff and again thanks to all until next time;

Come back to Groovy Gouvey anytime!